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Slogan Mashup of the Day: Excessive Gas? Captain Says “Make it Happen”

Phrases that SellHAVE A SLOGAN is one of those funny widget-driven sites that follow in the footsteps of many a  “why didn’t we think of this sooner” item.

You know that game you play in the bar where you take any common marketing phrase or famous quote and see how much funnier it can be if you were substitute one key word with “fart” or “underpants”?  Let’s try it, shall we?

  • Give me liberty or give me underpants!
  • I regret that I have but one fart to give to this country.
  • One if by land, two if by underpants!
  • A fart in the hand is worth two in the underpants.

(Why underpants?  Because a clown once told me – seriously – that there is nothing funnier to a 5-year-old child than the word “underpants”.  There’s a reason why Captain Underpants is so popular with the kiddies. But we digress…)

What HAVE A SLOGAN does is even simpler than the underpants game:  they take a standard marketing slogan for any number of popular products (such as Captain Morgan rum), and apply it to a randomly selected not-so-marketable item (such as “Excessive Gas”).  The unusual pairings of the two can result in some rather amusing juxtapositions.

  • MENSTRUATION: Something special in the air
  • STDs: It does a body good
  • ELECTROCUTION: Fast, fast, fast relief
  • DINGLE BERRIES: The other white meat

See how much fun it can be to apply marketing prowess to the wide variety of items we just see enough of in advertising today?