Justin Bieber wants you to check out his bowl cut!


Web Watch knows that our Web Watch readers have tons of embarrassing photos of themselves from when they were younger and lacked any sort of fashion sense or humility.

Didn’t everyone have that plaid pants/white belt combo?  Yeah, thought so… we think it was required dress code for the under-8 set.

But think about your parents, trying to save a buck or two by doing basic haircuts at home instead of taking the kids to Supercuts or Great Clips or the local mall salon that charges you $20 just to ask the receptionist a question.

And that’s where the classic bowl cut haircut comes in.  And where there are bad haircuts, there have to be photos.  And when there are photos, there’s a photoblog waiting to jump into the action.

So take the time to upload your most embarrassingly bad hair cut photo to CHECK OUT MY BOWL CUT, and join the ranks of Justin Bieber and other folks that are having really bad hair days