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Use the Snow Day Calculator to determine the chances of getting a Snow Day

Snow Day
Snow Day

Is your school one that shuts down when there is a threat of snow?

Do you live in a location where snow days are a less-than common happening?

If so, then you may want to check out the SNOW DAY CALCULATOR to help you determine if your school is going to close based on the upcoming weather forecasts.

All you have to do is enter your ZIP code (which will pull the information automatically from the weather service, such as the snowstorm’s start and end time, the type of snow that’s expected — flurries, wintry mix, etc — and what the temperature is expected to be at 7am that day).  Follow that with information about your school’s snow day policy and other information — then click the giant CALCULATE button.

Based on the information that the SNOW DAY CALCULATOR receives, you’ll get 5 different responses:

  • Limited: no chance of a snow day
  • 0% – 55%: Little to no chance, but there’s still a possibility.
  • 55% – 75%: Delay is likely
  • 75% – 87%: No school is a possibility
  • 87% – 99%:  No school and/or a possible early dismissal

Web Watch is not sure of why “87%” is the cutoff point between “a possibility” and “no school”, but we’re sure there is a reason.  Try it yourself and see if the calculator works for you – post your results in the comments below…