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What’s your roller derby name?

We won’t lie.  Web Watch loves us some roller derby.

The matches are wildly entertaining, it’s a relatively inexpensive evening out, and you’ll be laughing and cheering for your favorites all night long.  We can’t recommend attending a local match in your area highly enough.

But there is one thing that’s always nagging us:

Flat Track Fashion: The Roller Derby Look Book
Flat Track Fashion: The Roller Derby Look Book


Because you’ve seen their names, and be honest – some of them sound a bit scary to you, don’t they?  After you’re done laughing at the witty wordplay, you really have to admire the creativity.  Here are just a small sampling from the over 32,000 registered names on the above-linked Rollergirl’s Name Registry:

  • Zsa Zsa More Gore
  • Strange Bruise
  • Smearilyn Monroe
  • Smell Ma Pits
  • Oopsie Bruisy
  • Misti McFisti
  • Lickalotapus

Did we mention that there are over 32,000 names on the registry?  You’re going to have to click over and scroll through to see if there are any names there that strike your fancy.

So how should you go about GETTING YOUR OWN ROLLER DERBY NAME?

You could pop over to MIA PSYCHO’S ROLLER DERBY NAME GENERATOR and get your own.

Depending on what version of Web Watch we entered into the system, we are either

  • Brawler Antagonism
  • Anita BackstabHer    … or …
  • Jamie AnnihilateHer