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Smelly People Should be Banned from Buses and Roller Coasters

Hawaiians have it right.

Tomorrow, the Honolulu City Council is going to consider a bill that will BAN PEOPLE WITH EXCESSIVE BODY ODOR FROM RIDING PUBLIC TRANSIT.

And the bill is written so that it isn’t just bad B.O. that will get a rider kicked off the bus – it’s having anything stinky on or about your person that “disturbs or interferes with others”.

Carrying a stinky garlic pizza with extra garlic?  Off the bus.

Extreme workout at the office gym and forget your deodorant?  Off the bus.

Have a wet dog with dingleberries?  Off the bus.

Offenders (no pun intended) will be subject to a $500 fine and up to six months in jail.

Perhaps those sensible Hawaiians have taken a cue from our more uptight British friends who have BANNED ROLLER COASTER RIDERS FROM RAISING THEIR ARMS ON THE RIDE, to keep other riders from having to have their face slammed into some stranger’s smelly armpit while speeding along at 50+ MPH.  They call this the “Say No to B.O.” rule.

Can’t say it’s a bad idea.