Do you have a pooping playlist? For some people, it’s a requirement

You’ve heard about “pee shyness”, the inability for some people to pee in public.  This tends to hit men more than women, but it is a real issue nonetheless.

And because Web Watch is all about educating you on new terms and phrases – the medical term for this is “paruresis“.

Set of 2 Singing Toilet Paper Christmas Songs Roll Device
Set of 2 Singing Toilet Paper Christmas Songs Roll Device

And it’s not necessarily isolated to just peeing in public.  According to THE PRIVATE LIVES OF PUBLIC BATHROOMS, an in-depth article about the psychology of using a public bathroom stall published recently in THE ATLANTIC, this condition also applies to pooping in public as well.

And according to the article, one solution that people have to get over their poop-shyness is to drown out all other sounds in the bathroom with a specifically-designed POOPING PLAYLIST on their phones or iPods.

  • For Oprah Winfrey – her go-to song that got her to go was “Kumbaya”.
  • Other songs that people would play included songs from Justice or Maroon 5.

Web Watch will not stoop so low as to post a playlist to poop to as others have done for comedic effect (“Free Fallin'”?  Really?  That’s not original.)

But if you do have the need for your own Poop Playlist, what are the songs that you need to listen to in order to get the job done?  Or is it more an issue of any noise to drown out the surroundings is better than no noise at all?    Leave your thoughts in the comments below…