20% of Little People Have Trouble doing one thing

People who suffer from dwarfism range in height from 2’8″ to 4’8″.  The official classification for dwarfism according to the LITTLE PEOPLE OF AMERICA is anyone who is under 4’10” tall.

Combination Dressing Stick / Shoehorn
Combination Dressing Stick / Shoehorn

And with all the challenges that somebody who is height-challenged in an overly height-centric world, Little People have issues of their own that nobody of regular size would often contemplate as ever being a problem.

What’s that?

According to an article entitled THE CHALLENGES OF HAVING SEX AS A LITTLE PERSON, there is one thing that 20% of all Little People have trouble doing:

They have difficulty reaching their genitals with their own hands without using some sort of assist device.

It should be something that humans take for granted. You’re sitting on the couch watching your favorite sporting event, with one hand on your beer and the other scratching your balls.  It’s a perfectly normal way to while away a Sunday afternoon, right?  And we never think that something like that is not even possible for some people around us.

Little People are humans, with the same desires, needs, dreams, aspirations.  Think about how your life would change if you were unable to take care of life’s basic needs just because your arms were too short.   What adjustments would you make in your life to accommodate that?  ‘Cause it’s not easy – any Little Person would tell you the challenges they’ve faced every day of their lives.