The 25 Most Dangerous US Neighborhoods

By web gangsta | Published:

How safe is the city you live in?

What about your neighborhood?

Every city has “the good parts of town” and “the bad parts of town”.  The question is how to determine which side of that line your neighborhood falls on. 

That’s where NEIGHBORHOOD SCOUT comes into the picture.  They’ve analyzed crime statistics and FBI data from 17,000 local law enforcement agencies and have used computer models to calculate a “danger rating” for every zip code.  This rating predicts the number of violent crimes in the neighborhood per 1,000 residents.   

Other stats that  Neighborhood Scout looks at include:

  • Violent crimes
  • Property crimes
  • density of crime per square mile

and more.  All their statistics are then compared to other neighborhoods, cities, and nationwide for comparison.  It’s a good place to check out before you move to a new place.

You’ll want to check out  THE TOP 25 MOST DANGEROUS NEIGHBORHOODS as based on their computer model and calculations to see exactly what street addresses are included in their listing, as your actual experience in travelling through those neighborhoods may vary from what the computer says.

Here’s the interesting stuff:

  • The worst neighborhood is in Cincinnati.
  • Chicago had four entries on the list
  • Memphis had two entries on the list, as did Baltimore; Dallas; and Kansas City, Mo.
  • Cities with just one neighborhood each were Detroit, Orlando, Cleveland, New York City, Tampa, Philadelphia, Little Rock, St. Louis, Springfield Il, Richmond, Jacksonville, and Miami.