Things Gay People Like

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Passion Play - A Gay Romantic Game for 2
Passion Play – A Romantic Gay Game for Two

Dating site OK CUPID regularly digs into their database of registered users who are looking for love to see if there are any interesting trends to report.   For example, remember when Web Watch wrote about HOW TO WRITE THE PERFECT DATING EMAIL?  Yeah, that was from OK Cupid.

In other words, when it comes to reporting what real-world daters are really going through, they have a good idea of what’s going on.  Which is why, when OK Cupid decided to look at GAY DATING TRENDS vs STRAIGHT DATING TRENDS, you have to trust that they know what they’re talking about.So using data gleened from over 4 million dating match profiles, here are some of the things that OK Cupid says that gay people are looking for:

Gay men:

  1. the devil wears prada
  2. britney spears
  3. mean girls
  4. kelly clarkson
  5. the color purple
  6. project runway
  7. drop dead gorgeous
  8. running with scissors
  9. m.i.a.
  10. imogen heap
  11. a boyfriend
  12. lily allen
  13. lady gaga
  14. the theater
  15. katy perry
  16. buffy the vampire slayer
  17. tori amos
  18. joni mitchell
  19. owl city
  20. the right guy
  21. david sedaris
  22. american idol
  23. harry potter
  24. angels in america
  25. modern family

Gay women:

  1. the L word – this was #1 by a wide, wide margin on the survey result
  2. tegan and sara
  3. ani difranco
  4. piercings
  5. the color purple
  6. social justice
  7. cat power
  8. a girlfriend
  9. running with scissors
  10. the perks of being a wallflower
  11. buffy the vampire slayer
  12. my girl
  13. harold and maude
  14. law & order svu
  15. tori amos
  16. writing poetry
  17. rilo kiley
  18. janis joplin
  19. bitch
  20. if ur
  21. imogen heap
  22. my animals
  23. the used
  24. cuddling
  25. damien rice

Two other interesting items that came out in the same report:

  • gay people are not any sluttier than straight people. 
  • One-third of the straight women surveyed have hooked up with another woman…. and of those who haven’t hooked up, 25% said they would like to.

Of course, if reading researched data is not what you’re interested in, you could always poke your head over to THINGS GAY PEOPLE LIKE or STUFF GAY GUYS LIKE for some comic relief.