Latest fashion trend: Vajazzle for tweens… the “Junior Jazzle”

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Vajazzle - "Sexy Bitch"
Vajazzle – “Sexy Bitch”

Web Watch has covered the fashion world’s take on “sexy” clothing for tweens and teenagers, and the uproar that those marketing decisions have had from parents concerned that companies are trending certain trends to younger and younger audiences inappropriately.

Well, that’s nothing to what Web Watch is sharing with you today:

The JUNIOR JAZZLE – a vajazzle kit for tweens.

Yes, that’s right.  A British jewelry company is coming out with a line of vajazzle kits aimed specifically to young girls, one would suppose would be similar to how “temporary tattoos” are often found in children’s giveaway packages at birthday parties.

The company claims that they’re not being sold on the main website, and are not being marketed specifically as stick-on jewelry for the hoo-ha.  Just like kids apply temporary tattoos or have face/bodypaint applied at the circus to the backs of their hands or on their forearms, the Junior Jazzle is intended for anywhere on a young girl’s (or boy’s, we suppose) body that’s NOT in the bikini area.

So parents — where should you draw the line with what your kids should be allowed to decorate their body with?  According to HBO’s Real Sports program, junior cheerleader competitions have 5-year-olds doing adult-style dancing and plastering on heavy and inappropriate makeup to go along with their midriff-baring tops.  So why not throw in a Junior Jazzle on top of all that anyway?  

One has to wonder what the next outrageous item being marketed to kids is going to be, and when kids will stop being kids because of it.