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The World’s Best Tourists for 2008

The Tourist

EXPEDIA has released their list of the WORLD’S BEST TOURISTS as voted on by hoteliers around the world.  Here are the results of the 31 nationalities, as ranked from Best to Worst.

Some nationalities excelled in certain categories. Germans, for example, came across as being the tidiest of all nationalities.  Canadians were deemed most popular.  The French weren’t good tippers.

  1. Japanese
  2. German/British (tie).
  3. Canadian
  4. Swiss
  5. Dutch
  6. Australian/Swedish (tie)
  7. Belgian
  8. Norwegian
  9. Austrian/Danish/Finnish (tie)
  10. New Zealanders (Kiwi)
  11. U.S. American/Thai (tie)
  12. Irish/Czech/South African/Portugese (tie)
  13. Brazilian
  14. Italian/Greek/Polish (tie)
  15. Turkish
  16. Spanish
  17. Mexican
  18. Russian
  19. French
  20. Indian
  21. Chinese