Your Fonts

Sometimes you have a need to add some text electronically (whether it be in Microsoft Word or in a graphic of some sort), and you want to do it in your own handwriting.  Or maybe you want to electronically add your signature, but don’t like having it available as a single graphic.

Before now, your only option was to use your mouse – awkward! – or try to hookup with somebody who has one of those pen tablets that you might be able to borrow.  In other words, there weren’t a whole lot of options.

But now there’s Your Fonts

All you need to do is download their single sheet template and write on it with your favorite marker with your special handwriting style.  Use your scanner to scan the template into an electronic form, and upload the form to the site. Your True Type font will be ready for you in minutes, waiting to be used in whatever application you want to put it in.