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Flash Fun: Achievement Unlocked

Looking to kill about ten minutes of free time?

Why not challenge your friends and neighbors to beat your best time at ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED

All you have to do is move your elephant through 100 different tasks on the maze-like screen. 

Using your arrow keys (and other keys on the keyboard as necessary), move your elephant around the maze filled with dangerous spikes, uplifting elevators, and a few hidden surprises.  As you jump, fall, fly, and bop your way around the screen, you will find yourself completing items on the achievement list, conveniently being marked off from the list on the right-side of the screen. 

Sure, you might kill a pachyderm or two (or three, or a dozen), but that won’t affect your score in any way as you have an unlimited supply of Dumbos eager and waiting for you.  The object of the game is to simply fulfill the list of 100 achievements in as fast a time as possible.

If you get stuck trying to figure out how to achieve those final few tasks, you can always take a look at the Achievement Unlocked HINTS page… but half the fun of the game is trying to figure out what to do in the first place.