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Flash Fun: This Is The Only Level Too – sequel to Achievement Unlocked

Video Game Achievements
Video Game Achievements

Remember a few months ago when WEB WATCH told you about ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED, the game where you had to manuever an elephant around a screen full of deadly spikes in order to complete a series of tasks, ultimately fulfilling all of your achievement goals outlined by the game’s creator?

Well, the game author is back with a new creation to drive you batty:  THIS IS THE ONLY LEVEL TOO, a platform game where the premise is basically the same:  you have to move your elephant character around the deadly screen in order to complete the game.The difference here is the gameplay – each level that you complete by getting your elephant into the exit pipe safely changes the rules for the following game.

Let’s give you some hints on how to play.  From there, you should be able to igure out the rest.

  • On the first level, just hit the red button with your elephant, then go to the exit pipe.  Nothing could be easier.
  • On the second level, you’re only allowed to jump three times in your quest to hit the button and exit
  • On the third level, you don’t need to hit the button – but you do need to figure out what to do in order to raise the gate that’s blocking the exit

and so on.

There are more than 30 different fiendishly fun levels for you to discover the tricks of.  One level, for example, has you using the full keyboard in order to advance instead of just moving your elephant around the screen.   Oh, and one more thing – just because there are deadly spikes on the screen that can kill your elephant with just the slightest touch, you won’t lose any lives – you have an unlimited supply of elephants to work with.