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Flash Fun: Tiny Castle

Miner 2049er
Miner 2049er

Remember when Web Watch brought you ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED and how much fun you had with unlocking all those achievements in that game?

Well, we’re back with another game called TINY CASTLE, which is reminiscent of the classic MINER 2049er or DARK CASTLE updated for a new era.In TINY CASTLE, you’re a warrior fighting your way through a castle, the entire contents and all rooms of which are displayed on screen the whole time.

As you fight (with your spacebar) and jump (with the UP arrow key) your enemies and the various obstacles contained in the castle, you’ll complete specific quests.   Finding keys, getting to the treasure chest, opening certain doors — all of these signify fulfilling the quest and reaching the end of that particular level.

At each level change, the structure of the castle changes — you may find yourself suddenly underwater battling fish, or having to fight your way back through previously-opened doors and around new passageways that weren’t available to you before in order to reach your final battle.

It’s a great, fun way to kill 10 minutes or so, and just goes to show that there is still a market for single-screen platform Flash games to play.