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Bartenders ignore you on purpose. Here are some tips to make that drink come faster

Bartender Warning
Bartender Warning

Web Watch knows the best way to get a drink at the bar:   Tip noticably well on the first round.

Even if the drinks are free, such as at an open-bar wedding, you should tip big when you have the opportunity to do so and be noticed.  A $20 bill at the right time early in the evening will do wonders for you later at night.  Perhaps a heavier pour, speedier service, an extra drink made available after the bar is “officially” closed for the evening.

All for $20.

We already knew the power of the tip, but there are MORE TIPS THAT GUARANTEE THAT A BARTENDER WILL PAY ATTENTION TO YOU AT THE BAR.  Here are some of the others:

  • Know what you want to order before the bartender approaches you.  If the bartender has to spend time babysitting you, that’s time away from helping other thirsty customers.
  • Don’t call the bartender by a nickname.  Calling the bartender “Dude” doesn’t get you a drink any faster, my friend.
  • Don’t stand at the server station.  Sure, it may be convenient for you, but it’s not convenient for anyone else.
  • Be a regular.  Web Watch knows that being a bar regular pays off in divendends (especially if you tip often and well).  There’s a bar that we frequented almost daily many (many) years ago, and the bartenders and wait staff who have moved elsewhere still remember us and treat us better at their new locations.  The theme song from CHEERS holds true – being someplace “where everyone knows your name” really is like being with family.