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Flash Fun: Minions on Ice (from the creators of the *new* Desktop Tower Defense)

Desktop Tower Defense

Sometimes, all you want to do is climb into a heavy-duty tank and blow up someone else up in a massive game of capture-the-flag.

That’s just what you do in MINIONS ON ICE, one of the many games from David Scott and the CREATIVE COLLECTIVE, the creators of DESKTOP TOWER DEFENSE.  

Yeah, that’s right.  David Scott is one of the masterminds behind Creative Collective, and he’s the guy who practically invented the Tower Defense genre that has killed so much of our free time with games such as Flash Element TD or variations from other developers like GEMCRAFT Chapter Zero.  

What we’re trying to say here is that this is the gaming site behind one of the forces behind the casual gaming movement.  Web Watch wouldn’t steer you wrong on this.  Trust us – this stuff is good.

(Which reminds Web Watch – there’s a new version of DESKTOP TOWER DEFENSE available for Facebook users, with weekly updated maps.  Thought you’d want to know.)

So what is MINIONS ON ICE?  It’s the sequel to the original capture-the-flag-with-robot multiplayer game MINIONS, which places your high-powered battlebot onto an ice-covered arena filled with other robots who are all trying to kill you at the same time you’re trying to kill them.  It’s a friction-less battle to be the last robot surviving.  And the longer you survive (and the more kills you get), the more points you score.  The more points you score, the better your robot avatar will be and the more fun you can have blowing up other robots.  It’s a great 3-minutes-at-a-time timewaster, perfect for your lunchtime play break.

“But…”, we hear you cry.  “What were you saying about the new DESKTOP TOWER DEFENSE?  And other games, too?”

Ah, yes.  Creative Collective is an entire arena filled with fun games and diversions.  Here are some of Web Watch’s other favorites:

  • DESKTOP ARMADAThis one-on-one game is a combination of checkers and Battleship, all you have to do is build new ships, then manuever them across the water so you can destroy your enemy’s command center.  You have a limited amount of resources – do you devote them to building many smaller ships with low firepower but lots of speed, or do you build one giant battlecruiser that moves slowly but can do a lot of damage?
  • MINIONS: The original capture-the-flag game, with two teams of competing robots trying to destroy the enemy base first.  With a number of different robot types, each with their pros and cons, and up to 6 users on each side, there’s always some crazy action going on the scrolling battlefield.
  • SPLITTER 2: Just slice the wood, string, and other materials away in this physics game, and try to get the happy ball to fall into its hole.  But be careful, you only have a limited number of cuts available, so choose where and what to cut wisely.
  • And what game site wouldn’t be awesome if it didn’t have a Tower Defense Game.  Creative Collective has TWO:  DESKTOP TD PRO where you buy your towers and build your own maze for the creeps to crawl through, and FLASH ELEMENT TOWER DEFENSE 2.

Yeah, Web Watch has wasted many, many hours on this site.  We love us some Minions action.  See you on the battlefield!