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Most Visited Websites and Social Networks for July 2009

comScore, a research company, has published their list of the US’s TOP 50 MOST VISITED WEBSITES FOR JULY 2009, ranked by most unique visitors.

The top 10 most visited sites (or groups of sites, such as the case with Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, or others) are really no surprise:

  1. Google (with 195,538,000 unique visitors)
  2. Yahoo (includes Yahoo Mail, My Yahoo, etc)
  3. Microsoft (includes Bing, Hotmail, Windows Update, etc)
  4. AOL
  5. Facebook
  6. Fox Interactive Media (includes MySpace)
  7. Ask
  8. eBay
  9. Amazon
  10. Wikipedia

It’s when we start digging further down the list of 50 entries that we see some more interesting items:

  • craigslist is at #16
  • Disney is at #21, with Wal-Mart close behind at #22
  • ESPN is at #40

And Twitter comes in at #42, with 21,249,000 unique visitors.  Facebook, the site most commonly talked about when referencing Twitter, had 87,748,000 unique visitors.   Further proof that for all the press that Twitter gets, Twitter is not really as popular as you might be led to believe.

In fact, looking specifically at the traffic that the top 5 social networks receive offers more support for Facebook’s dominance in the social scene.

  1. Facebook (38.89% of visits)
  2. MySpace (23.85% of visits)
  3. YouTube (13.68% of visits)
  4. Tagged (1.57% of visits)
  5. Twitter (1.42% of visits)

That’s a huge spread between #1 and #3, let alone between #3 and #5.  We won’t even talk about the #1 to #5 spread, as those numbers should be fairly obvious as to what’s going on and where web visitors are spending their time.