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Dee Snider wants us to TAKE BACK THE HORNS

Ronnie James Dio poster

Rock-n-roll is all about being a rebel and going against The Man and The Corporation.

To hear Dee Snider tell it, it’s also not wearing a pledge pin on your uniform.

That’s why Dee Snider has asked the Internet to come together for one singular cause:


See, Dee doesn’t see anything wrong with fans rocking out with the devil horns at concerts, or flashing them to each other as you drive by blasting some DIO in tribute to the guy generally regarded as the one who invented the hand gesture used by everyone since.

No, Dee has a bigger purpose in mind – to stop Corporate America from abusing this sacred rock-n-roll symbol and turning it into yet another corporate marketing symbol that’s reeks of sell-out abuse.

So pop over to TAKE BACK THE HORNS and help Dee spread the word and end this blatant misuse of something that belongs strictly to the people.

And to Dio.