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10 Epic Pop Culture Fails

How to write link bait
How to Write Linkbait

10 Epic Pop Culture Fails is an example of a linkbait headline.

LINK BAIT IS A TERM USED BY INTERNET MARKETERS to indicate a type of writing that is used to generate interest in your subject matter.  Basically, anything that you write that can get people blogging about what you’ve written, discussing it on forums, watching it on TV, buying your magazine, posting on social websites like — all can be categorized as “link bait”.

Tabloid newspapers and local TV news programs during sweeps week use link bait all the time with their sensational headlines and feature story teases — anything to keep the reader or news viewer to stay plugged in to catch the story is what they’re after… even if the final story really has nothing to do with what the tease headline originally was.

But writing creative and interesting story headlines can be difficult at times.

That’s where the LINK BAIT GENERATOR comes in to help out.  If you’re looking for a sensational headline to tease an upcoming story, the Link Bait Generator can help you out.  As an example, here are 10 free feature story ideas that Web Watch obtained from the Link Bait Generator:

  • 15 must-see websites about healthcare reform
  • Is online privacy treated unfairly in the USA?
  • 7 ways Batman could cure cancer
  • 5 amazing things you probably didn’t know about Google
  • How to sound like Justin Bieber
  • Religion and the occult
  • 10 reasons why Miley Cyrus is a genius
  • 5 life lessons learned from killer robots
  • 8 ways heroin could help you survive a zombie attack
  • 9 reasons why Ron Paul resembles a crazy roman emperor

You see, it’s all about mixing and matching popular search phrases (like “ninjas”) with an assortment of adjectives and nouns.  It’s your basic grammar and vocabulary 101 course.

So if you use the generator to create a catchy title for you, be sure to post what it is (and where you used it) in the comments below…

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