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Top 10 Weirdest Things Smuggled onto an Airplane

Budgie Smugglers
Budgie Smugglers

On any of your last vacations or business trips, have you ever smuggled anything into a movie theater, concert venue, or past the TSA security onto an airplane?

We’re not talking about anything illegal, of course. Something like a sealed bottle of water or a bag of candy purchased elsewhere. Nothing inherently dangerous, but just against the general rules of what’s allowed and what’s not.

And the usual method you employ to smuggle those items is usually what?  Put them into a bag and hope nobody’s looking? Generally this will work…. but check out these WEIRDEST ITEMS SMUGGLED ONTO AN AIRPLANE to see if you would have the same guts to smuggle things in your pants:

  • 95 boa constrictors, snakes, and turtles – in checked luggage (insert obligitory SNAKES ON A PLANE joke here) 
  • 51 live tropical fish – in a specially-made apron worn underneath a woman’s skirt
  • 44 geckos and skinks – in underpants
  • One chihuahua – in carry-on luggage
  • One dead husband – rolled onto the airplane in a wheelchair
  • More than 12 exotic songbirds – in specially-made leggings worn underneath a man’s pants
  • 50 orchids and 4 birds – in checked luggage…. and 2 pygmy monkies in his pants
  • 70 reptiles in luggage, including 8 Caiman crocodiles, dozens of snakes, a turtle, and many scorpions
  • A live tiger cub – in checked luggage
  • Cockroaches – from the caterers who service the airplane