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Is your girlfriend a spy? Here are five things to check

Spy Girls
Spy Girls: License to Thrill

How would you know if your wife or girlfriend were a spy?

Well, if they were any good as a spy – you probably would never know at all.

But there are, apparently, at least FIVE SIGNS YOUR GIRLDFRIEND IS A SPY that can help you make sure that your girl is on the up-and-up.

  • She knows how to use a gun
  • She’s stronger than you
  • She seems unusually good at strange things
  • She suddenly starts disappearing at odd hours

Using this list, Web Watch is fairly certain that a friend of ours could very well be a spy.  She’s often travelling around the world – supposedly for her “job”.  She hangs out at the gun range an awful lot, “practicing”. 

Oh yeah – she’s definitely a spy.  Maybe we’ll bring this up to her the next time we see her. Knowing her, she’ll probably agree with us right away, hoping to throw us off the scent.  Spys can be tricky like that.