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Have you ever snuck into a concert?

Web Watch has been lucky enough to have seen pretty much every major artist we’ve ever wanted to see play in concert.

Kenny Rogers?  Check.

U2? Check.

Neil Diamond? Check.

Village People?  You betcha.

And for the most part, we had tickets or passes for every show.  Now, we’ll admit that there may have been one or two where we did end up having to finagle our way into a venue or two, but we swear that we had a legitimate right to be there to justify our sneakiness.

Just because we didn’t have a ticket at the time doesn’t mean that we didn’t know where we could get one.

How To Get Free Concert Tickets & Backstage Passes
How To Get Free Concert Tickets & Backstage Passes

So that brings up a question for you, dear Web Watch reader:  when was the last time you SNUCK INTO A CONCERT OR EVENT?  The Philadelphia Inquirer posed this very question to its readers, and everybody had their own story to tell.

For the most part, all the sneaking into events involved the same techniques:

  • PROPS:  carrying a uniform, musical instrument, referee jersey, or even a clipboard can help fool even the most diligent gatekeeper
  • CONFIDENCE: always look like you belong wherever you’re not. Act like you’ve been there before.
  • STREET SMARTS: a working knowledge of the area’s most obscure entrances and exits can always come in handy… even if you have to crawl around a little bit to get there
  • MONEY:  greasing a palm or two, if you can find the right person, can work wonders to getting you behind the scenes.

Of course, if you’re willing to palm off $20 to a buddy for a free pass, you might as well have just bought the ticket in the first place.

But where’s the fun in that?

So what’s your most awesome sneaking-in story?  Share it in the comments below….