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What do you call 10,000 topless women, protesting?

When you get 10,000 topless women together at one moment, it can be considered an art form.

When you get 10,000 topless women together for a protest about censorship, you get a movement.  Call it GIRLRILLAZ.

Man Protesting Topless Bar Opening in 1977
Man Protesting Topless Bar Opening in 1977

It’s something that sounds good on paper… if only it were real.

But no, it’s a semi-scripted film in the “fake documentary” category, similar to BORAT.   Filming is expected to begin this month, and the filmmakers are actively searching for SAG-AFTRA members to act out a nude rally at the Lincoln Memorial.

(If it helps – this year, NATIONAL GO TOPLESS DAY is August 26th.  Glad to help.)

So here’s a trailer promoting the upcoming film project GIRLRILLAZ that should give you a flavor of what the film is going to be about:


Here’s the basic storyline for those of you who are interested:


STORY LINE: Disgusted by society’s glorification of violence and repression of sexuality, radical female activists LIV and WITH begin a grass roots campaign to “Free the Nipple” and make public nudity legal in all 50 states — a mission that concludes with a triumphant nude rally outside the Lincoln Memorial.

Does this sound like something you would be interested in?   If so, more information should be available to you on CASTING ABOUT, the Online Casting Director and Production Guide.

So do Web Watch a favor:  if you do end up getting cast in the film or have more information about this LINA ESCO production, drop a comment below and tell us about it, and what motivated you to become a topless protester.