Take the quiz: what’s YOUR accent?

Web Watch has shared with you previously an in-depth analysis of AMERICAN ACCENTS.

But one question that Web Watch receives on occasion is how to apply that information to your every day life.  Thanksfully, we’re here to help you with that.

Accents: A Manual for ActorsAccents: A Manual for Actors

All you have to do is take this WHAT AMERICAN ACCENT DO YOU HAVE quiz and answer the following questions as honestly as possible:

  • How do you pronounce “mary”, “merry”, and “marry”?
  • How do you pronounce “pin” or “pen”?
  • “feel” vs “fill”?
  • “bag” vs “vague”?

There’s just 13 questions to fill out, and after you’re done you should have a good idea of what part of the country your mouth leads you to be from.  So take the test and let us know in the comments below how accurate the quiz actually is…