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How to avoid an online romance scam

Finding someone online can be tricky.

No longer are you limited to hanging out at a bar and hoping the love of your life walks in, now you have to go through hoops to find the one you want to spend the rest of your life with online.

And not everybody on-line has your best interests in mind.  Some of those folks are there to scam you.

The Scam Survivors' Handbook
The Scam Survivors’ Handbook

And that’s why websites like ROMANCE SCAMS and ROMANCE SCAM are here, to help you avoid being scammed as you navigate the difficult online dating world.

How can you know if you’ve been scammed?  Here are some warning signs:

  • Has someone claimed to have fallen in love with you quickly without having even spent any time with you in person?
  • Do they only want to communicate with you online?
  • Have they asked you for money, either via cash or check?
  • Do they always seem to have something crazy come up when you’re about to meet them in person?