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Wanna see a Solar Eclipse? Mark your calendar for AUGUST 21, 2017!

Have you ever had the opportunity to see a real-for-real solar eclipse?

If so, be ready to experience that again.  If not, now’s your chance to start planning ahead so you’re ready for the Event of Your Lifetime!


Web Watch remembers the first time we were lucky enough to watch a total solar eclipse.  We rushed out of our school classroom at the appropriate time, holding our pinhole cardboard viewing sheets on the ground.


was all every teacher was repeating over and over again.  No amount of sunglasses or squinting would allow us the ability to actually SEE what we went outside to witness.

Watching a solar eclipse on a sheet of paper just doesn’t have the same effect as being able to look directly at the sun while the moon passes in front of it.  It truly is a once (or twice) in a lifetime experience.

But if you have always wanted to see a solar eclipse for yourself, now’s your chance to plan ahead for AUGUST 21, 2017 from approximately 1:15PM ET through 2:45PM ET – prime daytime viewing hours, practically speaking – the eclipse will run from West to East across the US.

According to the GREAT AMERICAN ECLIPSE website, the eclipse will be most striking in northern Oregon in the west to almost all of South Carolina in the east.  They have a detailed MAP OF THE ECLIPSE PATH on their site, so you can really plan your travel to what could be the Perfect Place to View a Total Eclipse of the Sun.

’cause a 70% eclipse? That’s an almost every day occurrence. 90%? You’re almost there.  Why not aim for 100% Solar Fun?

If you’re into this type of thing, it’s never too early to plan. It only happens once in a lifetime, really. So why not be prepared now?