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Can YOU name the Top 100 Global Brands for 2012?

Even if you’re one of those Occupy Wall Streeters, complaining about everything that Big Business is doing to Keep You Down, chances are you’re also a little bit brand conscious.

Aside from the fact that the OWS movement went to all the trouble of ensuring that they have a trademark on “OCCUPY WALL STREET”, those 99% really aren’t any different from the rest of us.

They’re wearing name-brand clothing, purchased at a name-brand retailer.

They’re marketing their protest with Apple and Google phones, using Facebook and Twitter over cellular networks or purloined free WiFi connections that are setup/maintained/paid for by other corporations.

A protest is fine, and bringing attention to companies’ misdeeds is powerful — but don’t complain about how all businesses are bad if you have to rely on them in order to handle your protest in the first place.

See, it really IS all about branding and marketing, isn’t it?


10 Things Internet shopping has the Best Customer Service. (Zappos ranks high, too) Gift Card Gift Card

When it comes to Customer Service, what retail companies come to mind?

We’ve heard countless stories about companies like Costco taking back anything that they sell, no matter how long ago you purchased it… but while Costco is an awesome place to shop, the long lines and lack of salespeople on the shopping floor can turn some potential shoppers off, as getting out of there with a purchase can be a bit more difficult than it needs to be.

Web Watch enjoys the staff at the local Home Depot and Lowe’s, but there are times when both stores struggle to answer our seemingly simple questions.

We do’t ask for much – we just want each shopping experience to be superior to the last outing.