How many of these most awesome video clips have YOU seen this year?

By web gangsta | Published:

Funny VideosWe spend a lot of time looking at, and then passing around, the Funniest Video You’ve Ever Seen, don’t we?  Whether it be at the office or at home (or now on the cell phone), these top viral videos are this year’s best-of-the-best.

GAWKER has assembled a 3-MINUTE CLIP OF THE TOP 100 MUST-SEE VIDEOS OF 2009.   The good part is that they’re numbered on-screen and show you the best parts of each clip.  The bonus is that each clip is linked to separately on the page so you can see the whole thing.

Want to see a man dodge death – not once, but twice?  It’s in there.

A wrecking ball take out a minivan?  We’ve got it.

A return to the Fat Kid singing about being fat?  Already covered in Web Watch when it first hit the ‘net… and still funny today.

Of course, these videos are not to be confused with the TOP 100 VIRAL VIDEOS OF ALL TIME, which includes the infamous “Dramatic Chipmunk” and “Falling Grape Stomp Lady” clips.  No, those you’ve seen a million times already (and let’s face it, once the Falling Grape Stomp Lady was immortalized on both Family Guy and Saturday Night Live, you know that it has pretty much jumped the shark.