Today’s Fun Fact: By the time a child finishes elementary school, they will have witnessed over 8,000 murders

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Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill
Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill

According to a STUDY ON TELEVISION VIEWING HABITS by A.C. Nielsen, by the time a child fnishes elementary school, they would have watched over 8,000 murders on TV.  By the time they reach 18, that number grows to over 200,000 violent acts.

If it helps, the average American watches more than 4 hours of TV every day.  If that person lives 65 years, they would have spent at least nine years – about 13% of their life – simply watching TV.

Web Watch hopes to live much longer than 65, in order to make that percentage drop down to the 13% range.

Here are some other interesting statistics about television viewing in the average American home:

  • On average, TVs are turned on for 6 hours, 47 minutes per day
  • Americans watch over 250 billion hours of television every year
  • 56% of Americans pay for cable TV
  • The average child watches about 28 hours of television per week (not counting video games)
  • The average child will see about 20,000 30-second commercials every year
  • Watching a lot of  TV can lead to weight gain:  an adult who watches three hours of TV a day is more likely to be obese than an adult who watches less than one hour per day.

Are you addicted to TV? 

If you are a heavy TV user, you may be considered a substance abuser just like an alcoholic would – except your drug of choice is the boob tube.

If you can say “yes” to at least two of the following bullets, perhaps you are addicted to TV:

  • Do you use TV as a sedative?
  • Do you watch TV indiscriminately (meaning, you’ll watch anything and everything that’s on)
  • Do you have a feeling of loss of control while watching TV, such as feeling the need to always be in possession of the remote control?
  • Have you ever felt angry with yourself for watching too much TV?
  • Do you have an inability to stop watching TV?
  • Do you feel miserable when you aren’t watching TV?