11 ways to enjoy bicycling with your dog

By web gangsta | Published:

Dog on a Bicycle
Dog on a bike

Web Watch has many friends who are avid bicyclists.  They’ll ride their bikes every chance they get, and have even gone on month-long bicycle excursions across the country and around the world.

And why not?  They’re young, they’re healthy, and they follow the rules of the road – even stopping at traffic lights and stop signs like they’re supposed to so they don’t get hit by cross-traffic.

But the one thing these friends lament is that they can’t take their beloved doggie with them on these long bike rides.

Maybe all they need to do is take a look at these 11 WAYS TO BRING YOUR DOG BIKE RIDING WITH YOU to change their mind about what dog carrier options are available.  Why wouldn’t a dog want to ride along?  Here are some of the suggested options:

  • There’s the “extended bike frame”, allowing the pooch to ride comfortably in a container built just for them
  • The delivery tricycle, perfect for large dogs
  • The toddler-friendly bike trailer
  • Just plop your dog in the standard carrier basket.

Or you could just throw your dog over your shoulders and carry your dog wherever it wants to go.

Which is why