The best sex in the world is with a Nigerian-Mexican in Turkey

By web gangsta | Published:

Everyone says that they have the best sex they’ve ever had with their current significant other.

But maybe – just maybe – they’re just not trying hard enough to go out of their way to really do their research to know if there’s something better out there.

The Best Sex of My Life: A Guide to Purity
The Best Sex of My Life: A Guide to Purity

Because you’d be surprised about what you’d find if you use the entire world as your sexual petri dish.

Here’s some of the WORLD’S BEST SEX info you’d find, all compiled in one place by OUR FRIENDS OVER AT VOX.

  • The most exciting sex is happening in Nigeria, Mexico, Brazil, China, and India.  Australia and France? Not so much.
  • Mexicans treat their sexual partners with significantly greater respect than other countries.
  • The least satisfying sex is happening in Japan, France, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Singapore
  • People in Turkey have significantly fewer STDs than people in other countries.  You might want to stay away from Norwegians.