The #1 Reason to Get Rid of your Tupperware RIGHT NOW

By web gangsta | Published:

When was the last time you attended a Tupperware party?

We think the last one we attended was around 1992 or 1993.  But the Tupperware we have from that event is still going strong.  (don’t lie to us and tell us otherwise – we won’t believe you even if you’re trying to tell the truth)


Sure, we’ve lost some Tupperware along the way.  Some left at potluck dinners at the neighbors, one container mistakenly left at the office during Refrigerator Cleanout Day.  Anytime you lose some Tupperware is always a sad day. Worse when it was preventable.

But keeping Tupperware forever is not a good idea.  And ACCORDING TO THE AARP, you need to THROW YOUR TUPPERWARE AWAY.

What?  You crazy?

Not crazy – just crazy smart.

‘Cause you know that evil BPA chemical plastic that’s all the rage these days?  Yeah – it’s in Tupperware too, at least in the old Tupperware made before 2010…. like the collection in our pantry right now.

If your Tupperware… or any plastic food container you’re currently using… has a RECYCLE CODE of 3 or 7, then that’s more likely to contain BPA and be ultimately bad for you.

So toss that Tupperware out and replace it with new Tupperware, glass containers, or some other newly manufactured plastic container that isn’t as good as Tupperware.  Thank us later for helping you out.