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The Whirlpool Polara Oven

Remember Jason Alexander, the actor who played the character “George” on Seinfeld? One of his first acting roles — if you can call it that — was for the famous McDonald’s McDLT.  Let’s take a look:

Why do I bring this up?  because when it comes to keeping the “hot side hot, and the cool side cool”, nothing beat THE WHIRLPOOL POLARA OVEN.  It’s a refrigerator…inside your oven! 

It’s like a big giant crockpot, designed with food safety in mind.  Just put your raw food into the oven, and tell it what time to start cooking.  Your food will be kept safely refrigerator cool (no e.coli here!), and will be almost done cooking by the time you make it home from the office. 

And to think that watching this fancy stuff on The Jetsons was all futurey and stuff.