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10 Things You Don’t Know About… Seattle

Seattle is a great place to visit.

It’s a nice town.  A bit damp, but very nice.  Good people, good food, comfortable weather, if you don’t mind the mist.  Well worth the trip if you haven’t had a chance to go.  (Here’s a hint:  take the city bus from the airport to downtown.  It’s reasonably priced and will get you where you want to go.  All the locals do it.)

I thought about linking over to 10 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW BEFORE MOVING TO SEATTLE, but the list started off with…

  1. It rains
  2. No really, it rains a lot here

I’ve watched the Seattle Convention and Visitor’s Bureau promotional video – they claim that Denver has more rain than Seattle does. Comparing what the video tells me just didn’t jive with the “Moving to Seattle” list. 

So I decided to go with the TOP 10 THINGS SEATTLE GIRLS SHOULD DO TO LOOK HOT.  Here are the highlights:

  1. Wear Makeup
    Do Seattle girls just not care, because every time I see one, I throw up a little. However, this one is tricky. Too much makeup or makeup improperly used can make you look like a hooker or a clown.
  2. Wear Cute Dresses and Skirts
    blue jeans and a black Northface does not constitute as dressing up.
  3. Work Out That Butt
    girls in Seattle tend to have wider loads.
  4. Wear Heels
    heels are sexy. They also make your butt look sexier.
  5.  Stop Looking Like Men