How Much Money do Beggars Make?

You drive by them every day:  panhandlers and homeless folk, standing at the highway exit with a sign and a hand, asking for any spare change that you may be willing to share.

And while the job may have its hazards (bad weather, car fumes, the continual parade of rude people, no bathroom facilities), there are some PEOPLE WHO MAKE $50,000 A YEAR OR MORE BY PANHANDLING.

Picking a good location is half the battle, but at least one person who does this has reported making up to $400 on a good day, or anywhere from $75-$100 on a slow one.

Those who do this for a living say that people are more generous in the afternoon than they are in the morning.

OTHER BEGGING TIPS INDICATE that women (or women with children) and disabled veterans tend to get more money than most.  Similar results are seen by beggars with pets.

Be aware, however, that the IRS MAY WANT THEIR CUT of your begging income.  Remember to consult your financial advisor for specifics.