At $32,878 a year, you’re doing better than half the country


A recent study of submitted tax returns (from 2007, since you asked – the most recent set of data available to researchers who study this type of thing) shows that IF YOU ARE MAKING OVER $32,878 A YEAR, then you are in the top 50% of income earners in the country.

$32,878 is the cutoff point, and the top 50% of all earners — those making more than $32,878 — cover about 88% of all income earned in the country.

The cutoff for the top 25% of earners comes in at $66,532.

You’re in the top 10% of earners if you make over $113,018.  The top 5% falls in at $150,041.

And the top 1% of all income earners in the country make over $410,096.  They account for 23% of all income, and cover 40% of all paid income taxes.

If you want to know specifics about where you fall income-wise and which part of the overall tax burden you carry, pop over to use the TAX BURDEN CALCULATOR and see for yourself.