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Top Grossing Apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android (Feb 2014)

It’s a new month, and time to look again at the TOP GROSSING MOBILE APPS on ANDROID and APPLE DEVICES.

And lo!  There’s a change in the rankings.  Can the King be dead?

Dylan's Candy Bar: Unwrap Your Sweet Life
Dylan’s Candy Bar: Unwrap Your Sweet Life

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The worst charity in America

One thing that everyone should do at some point in their lives is give back a little bit.

How you give is entirely up to you.   Some choose to contribute money or time to their church, while others participate with local healthcare or children-oriented organizations.

Maybe you take the time to help build a house, or do yardwork for someone who is unable to do it for themselves.

Giving: How Each of Us Can Change the World
Giving: How Each of Us Can Change the World


At $32,878 a year, you’re doing better than half the country


A recent study of submitted tax returns (from 2007, since you asked – the most recent set of data available to researchers who study this type of thing) shows that IF YOU ARE MAKING OVER $32,878 A YEAR, then you are in the top 50% of income earners in the country.

$32,878 is the cutoff point, and the top 50% of all earners — those making more than $32,878 — cover about 88% of all income earned in the country.