Blue Balls are Real: Not Having Enough Sex Proven to be Bad For You

Sexual Anorexia

It may be hard to believe, but scientists have proven that there is a disease called SEXUAL ANOREXIA, where they’ve shown that NOT HAVING ENOUGH SEX CAN BE BAD FOR YOU.

As renowned sexpert Dr Drew Pinsky says, the more commonly-known sexual disorder known as “sexual addiction” (as popularized in recent months by Tiger Woods) has a less-commonly known counterpart called “sexual anorexia”. 

Where the former is noted by an insatiable desire to have sex, the latter is equal in how those affected do everything they can to avoid any sort of sensual contact.

If you’re in a relationship with someone and it is lacking a certain closeness that you would normally expect, there is a possibility that your partner is suffering from sexual anorexia.  Here are some SEXUAL ANOREXIA CHARACTERISTICS TO LOOK FOR – if five or more are indicated, then there is a possibility that sexual anorexia is present:

  • Withholding love
  • Withholding praise
  • Controlling with silence or anger
  • Ongoing or ungrounded criticism
  • Withholding sex
  • Unwillingness or inability to share feelings
  • Staying so busy you have no time for your partner
  • Blaming couple issues or problems on your partner instead of yourself
  • Controlling or shaming partner with money issues