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March 20th is Obscura Day. How are you celebrating?

Camera Obscura

March 20th is OBSCURA DAY.

This is a day celebrated around the world as a way to highlight obscure activities and hidden gems found in cities all over the world.

Perhaps there’s a secret underground tour that you’ve been dying to take, or a unique museum in an out-of-the-way town that nobody ever visits that should be brought to someone’s attention.  Obscura Day is your invitation to do those things that you’ve always wanted to check out.

For example, in Minneapolis, you can go on a tour of the HOUSE OF BALLS, an interactive art museum. No, despite its name, it is not a house full of balls.

In Missouri, you can visit LEILA’s HAIR MUSEUM. Yes, it is a museum about hair.

And up in New York, you can visit Steve Erenberg, THE RADIO GUY, and see his collection of art pieces that he has created from antique radios and other electronics. But hurry – only ten spots are available for this once-in-a-lifetime tour.