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How to explode a watermelon

Have you ever wanted to go completely Gallagher on somebody, and just slam a watermelon with a sledgehammer to see how it feels?

Maybe you just don’t have a sledgehammer handy, and maybe you want to make it more interesting and interactive for all involved parties.

Here’s how Web Watch will help you EXPLODE A WATERMELON, using common office supplies — and hopefully, have you win a bar bet or two.

Rubber Bands
Rubber Bands

But first, a disclaimer:

Don’t try this at home.   It’s going to make a mess, and if you’re not careful – you might well be injured.  We wouldn’t be surprised if something got broken if you attempt this little stunt, whether it be a piece of watermelon through your wall or flatscreen TV – or maybe even a broken bone or other physical injury.

Playing with watermelons should not be taken lightly.  They may look all soft and innocent, but they are indeed a killing machine.

So what’s the plan?

First – you need a watermelon.  Don’t get one too large – you’ll see why in a minute.

Secondly, you need a giant industrial sized box of rubber bands.  How many?  A few hundred should do the trick.  Yes, this won’t be an easy process.

And now – all you need to do is ask your friends and cohorts in crime one question: HOW MANY RUBBER BANDS DOES IT TAKE TO EXPLODE A WATERMELON?

The answer is obviously going to be, “depends on the watermelon”.  It’ll definitely be more than 10 rubber bands.  You’re going to be doing this for a few hours.

But eventually, you’ll reach the point where the watermelon just can’t take the pressure of all those rubber bands anymore, and that’s when the fun begins.  You might want to take a step back or two when you start to sense that the melon won’t be long for this earth.


Web Watch admits – putting rubber bands around a watermelon isn’t nearly as amusing as watching someone try to wear over 100 pairs of underwear at one time, but if you do try this on your own — which would be against Web Watch’s recommendation – then be sure to share the YouTube video with us in the comments below.

Remember, pictures – or it didn’t happen!