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How to tell if you’re raising a spoiled brat? It’s all about where you live

How much do you spend on your child at Christmas or for their birthday?

Are you one of those parents that believe that their child is extra-special and deserves to be given everything they ever could possibly ask for?

Or are you a parent whose philosophy is more along the lines of being sure to offer your children a choice, such as “would you like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich… or a spanking?”  You know, because letting children make their own decisions is so important in encouraging a child’s self-worth and well-being.

Spoiled Brat
Spoiled Brat shirt

There’s nothing wrong with spending a little bit of money on your kids once in a while.  It shows them that you love them (kids always favor material goods over pure love, anyway).

But according to BUNDLE.COM, the amount of money that parents spend on their kids does vary widely depending on where in the country the family lives.

It should come as no surprise that New York City has the highest percentage of spending on kid stuff — likely due to just how expensive it can be to live in NYC.  Those kids receive 90% above the national average in terms of being spoiled.

Moving down the list, Brooklyn is at #2… at 67% above the average.  They’re followed by Miami (58%), Minneapolis (46%), Tulsa (35%) — must be the Hanson kids, Dallas (24%), and Atlanta (17%).

The kids that are perfectly average spoiled, compared to the entire country?  At 0%, that’s Nashville.

The cities with the least spoiled kids are all good Midwestern towns:  Milwaukee, St Paul, and Madison.

Click the link to see the list of all 36 cities and where they fall compared to each other.