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Quick poll: should you go naked when you get a massage?

Quick poll:  should you get naked when you go to your spa for a massage or other treatment?

For those who are not familiar with getting a professional massage, such as at a spa or a resort, one of the most frequently asked questions is whether you should strip down nude or not.

Web Watch will make one part of this easy for you: if you’re getting one of those fancy poolside massages while on a beach vacation, chances are that you’ll want to keep your swimsuit on rather than get naked in front of the everyone enjoying their day in the sun.  You may be in a cabana, but cabanas aren’t always as private as they may seem.

In other words, save the nudity for the treatment room.

Keep It Simple Spa: Showerless Body Spa Treatments And Add-On's For Your Session Room
Keep It Simple Spa:
Showerless Body Spa Treatments And Add-On’s For Your Session Room

Spa nudity is such a commonly asked question that the SPA FINDER website even has an entire page on SPA NUDITY ETIQUETTE.

Nudity norms are different in different parts of the world. Germany spa observances seem to be the most liberal, with even co-ed naked saunas all around. Egypt, United Arab Emirates, and the UK – not so much. They prefer more coverage than not.

Generally speaking, you should just go with whatever you feel the most comfortable with – and for what the situation requires.  Not all countries appreciate swimwear in certain areas, as they feel that swimsuits can be unhygienic.  Spas provide towels and big fluffy robes for a reason.  If you’re concerned about wandering around the hallways or the relaxation room with just a bit of terry cloth hiding your bits, then go ahead and double-wrap yourself. Wear both a towel and a robe!  A spa is supposed to help you relax, so don’t get tensed up thinking about how everyone’s naked around you.

Here’s a fun fact: most women customers request a female massage therapist…and so do men.  75% of all spa requests are for female therapists.

The most important piece of advice they give – applicable to 99% of all spa nudity situations – is buried on the page:

Undress completely in the locker room, put on a swimsuit, a spa robe and spa slippers. Carry a large towel with you and head to whatever part of the spa you are planning to use. Look around to see what everyone else is wearing and consider following ‘suit.’ Remember: it’s always easier to take something off than it is to find something to put on

As at the spa, as in life in general.