Web Watch followup: Bruno Mars Lip-Dub Proposal says Yes to Love

Do you remember Isaac Lamb? Web Watch told you about him last year when he did a fantastic LIP DUB music video to Bruno Mars’ MARRY YOU as a wedding proposal for his girlfriend Amy Frankel.

Go ahead, click that link so you can remember what we’re talking about.  We’ll join you after the jump, and you’ve had a moment to grab a tissue.

Stefano Langone - Yes to Love
Stefano Langone – Yes to Love

So what have they been up to since?

They decided to make another music video – but this time, to celebrate that driving force behind a wedding proposal — LOVE.

And saying “YES” to that proposal.

And what that one three-letter word (yes) can lead to over the years.

Web Watch enjoys telling you about some of these great happenings when they occur, but we also love being able to revisit this happy couple afterwards to continue their storyline, so you can see what happened next.


YES TO LOVE – with music by Stefano