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Name the worst Mother’s Day gift ever

With Mothers Day fast approaching, families (dads, kids primarily) are rushing around trying to find the ULTIMATE MOTHERS DAY GIFT for the women in their lives

Maybe, they’re trying just a little bit too hard.  Maybe, the best mother’s day gift is something that’s right in front of their noses.

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Funny thing about Mother’s Day:  Dads like to use Mother’s Day as a day when they take the kids off and leave the moms at home for their own staycation.

Father’s Day is the exact same thing – moms shuffle the kids off to Dad for a “day with Dad”, resulting in the same mom staycation scenario.  In both cases, it seems, the Mom wins.

But let’s take a look at WHAT MOMS WANT FOR MOTHERS DAY, as compiled by the NPD Group in their annual survey.

  • 14.6% of moms surveyed would like homemade gifts from their children
  • 13.6% would like a day off
  • 12.9% would like a spa day
  • 1.3% would like breakfast in bed

In previous years, 23.6% of moms said that they received absolutely nothing at all.  Compared to the 31.8% who received a card, that’s almost 50% of moms that didn’t have anything significant done to celebrate this special day.

As for the WORST MOTHER’S DAY GIFTS that were received:

  • vacuum cleaners
  • kitchen appliances
  • jumper cables
  • weed eaters
  • divorce papers
  • having to cook or clean up after their mothers-in-law
  • no gift at all

How accurate are these types of surveys?  According to a different survey, all that 90% of mothers want for Mother’s Day is a phone call from their children… but only 57% of moms actually get that call.