Men are most concerned about their size… where?

Web Watch has covered a variety of stories about how women feel about width, length, and girth of their favorite boy toys in the past.

Isn’t it about time to get the man’s perspective on the same topic?

Why not?

Locker Room Songs
Locker Room Songs

Because some AUSTRALIAN RESEARCHERS from Victoria University asked more than 700 men about their own feelings about their personal genital size.

And it ends up that men are concerned that they aren’t measuring up down there when compared to other men.

But it’s not bedroom anxiety that has men all concerned — it’s a symptom called LOCKER ROOM SYNDROME, and it has absolutely nothing to do with bedroom performance.  But it has everything to do with perception in the locker room where you may be judged by other naked men.  It’s all about body image, and in environments where one feels most insecure

The study didn’t report what men were expecting to find when comparing themselves to others… it just talked about how men compete in all areas, even in places where competition isn’t something one can control – like one’s body type or configuration.