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7 Reasons Mosquitoes Love You

Every summer, you see it at the local Target or Wal-Mart: endcap after endcap of bug repellent and mosquito sprays.

OFF!, Cutter. Avon Skin-So-Soft. Wrist bands, citronella candles — there are tons of products that claim to repel mosquitos.  Some do a fairly good job, others not as much.  Then there’s the whole question of whether you should go DEET or DEET-FREE in your annoying bug management plan.

Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard + Expedition Unscented 4 oz. Spray
Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard
+ Expedition Unscented 4 oz. Spray

But these sprays, wipes, and other scents may not be everything you should be doing in order to live a bite-free summer vacation.

Why does Web Watch say this?  Because there are SEVEN PRIMARY REASONS THAT MOSQUITOES BITE you more than they’ll bite your significant other.  And if you’re the kind of person that unfairly attracts more than your fair share of itches over the course of a summer evening, then you’ll want to know what these things are so you can do what you can to avoid getting bitten.

On the bright side (if there is one), there might not be much you can do to change your genetic makeup.  But at least you can check out these seven items and know that these are the reasons that mosquitoes think you’re a tasty, tasty morsel:

  • TYPE O BLOOD people are bit almost twice as often as TYPE A blood types.
  • CARBON DIOXIDE – if you’re gassy and you know it.  Plus, larger people tend to emit more gas, breathe more, than smaller people.  So your size may have something to do with this as well.
  • SWEAT, LACTIC ACID, and BODY HEAT.  Sweaty, exercising people will attract more mosquitoes than lazy bums
  • SKIN BACTERIA.  Mosquitoes love certain types of naturally-occuring skin bacteria more than others.  Hey, we’re a dirty bunch.
  • BEER (or other alcoholic beverages).  Alcohol can raise body heat or make you sweat more, attracting those flying bugs
  • PREGNANCY.  This goes back to the carbon dioxide bit above, as pregnant women exhale more carbon dioxide than non-pregnant folks around them
  • CLOTHING COLOR.  Don’t wear dark colors, which attract mosquitoes

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