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Why you shouldn’t keep your pet in your car

Do you drive your dog around each weekend?

Is your dog the kind that travels with its head out the window, sniffing as the world goes by?  Or is your dog a bit more casual – sitting comfortably in the passenger seat and napping?

Or are you the kind of driver who insists on driving with your dog sitting in your lap (and possibly getting in the way of the airbag, should it be needed in an emergency situation)?

Car Thermometer
Car Thermometer

Well, whichever type of pet-in-car person you are, you may want to try this little experiment performed by DR ERNIE WARD:


We all know that you shouldn’t keep your children in the car when you go into the store to pick up a quick loaf of bread (or play bingo, whichever is your fancy).  And we all know you shouldn’t do the same with your pets.

But what the good doctor did is subject himself to what happens in a parked car during a hot day — namely that within 30 minutes, the temperature in the car reached 117 degrees.

And that was with the car windows cracked one or two inches each.

In other words, even cracking the car windows isn’t enough to alleviate your pet’s discomfort.

So let’s play a game — how long can YOU sit in a parked car before you absolutely, positively have to get out?