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Study: Everyone hates redheads

Redheads deserve their reputation, don’t they?

If you’ve ever dated a redhead, you’d know what we’re talking about.

The Redhead Revealed
The Redhead Revealed

The problem with their reputation is that it precedes them, everywhere they go. Redheads are often not given the same opportunities that brunette or blonde women get.

That’s the findings of a RECENT SURVEY ABOUT HAIR COLOR that showed the true difference between women who are blonde, brunette, or red.

The key takeaway?  Redheads, Gingers, Scarlett O’Hara’s — these women are less likely to be hit on in bars compared to their more fair-headed sisters.   In the study, redheads were six times less likely to be approached by men than were other women.

Blondes, of course, were most attracted.  Brunettes were second.  The key difference in these cases were that the women were all the same — the only differentiator were the wigs they wore.

So men – why not change the game a bit.  Use this information to your advantage.

If redheads are seldom approached in bars — then increase your chances of a hook-up or long-term relationship by hitting on those that others are avoiding. You may walk away a winner.