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The Food Disgust Test

If you’re looking for a hilariously eye-opening experience, look no further than the Food Disgust test from IDR Labs. Trust me, it’s not every day that you get the chance to rate your level of aversion to culinary oddities like cow brains and fried tarantulas!

Okay, it’s not really about culinary oddities, but more about what it is about seeing or eating specific styles of food that might make you a bit queasy.

Some people don’t like raw fish. That’s covered. Some people don’t mind finding a hair in their soup, while others aren’t that fussy.

What makes this test particularly entertaining is that it sheds light on the peculiar eating habits and preferences that we all have. You may discover that you have an intense aversion to slimy textures or a deep-seated fear of trying new things. The test covers a number of topics ranging from food hygiene to textures.

Whether you’re a foodie who’s up for trying anything once, or someone who’s set in their culinary ways, the Food Disgust test is an enjoyable and insightful experience. After all, who doesn’t love learning new things about themselves?

So why not take the plunge and discover your own food disgust score? You never know, you might just learn something surprising about your own tastes and preferences!

Take the FOOD DISGUST TEST here: